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From the inbox: I see lenders advertising lower than 620 VA loans. Is this for real?

Short answer: yesno. Read the fine print.

Longer answer: the VA actually has no minimum credit score for insuring the loans of qualifying servicemembers. However, most lenders will require a minimum credit score.

There are lenders that offer loans to qualifying servicemembers with lower credit scores. There is always a cost, though. It’s usually in the form of a higher interest rate and higher loan costs.

That said, this can still be a good decision. There is something to be said about locking in housing costs vs renting, for example. But you have to run the numbers and do a cost benefit analysis.

New regulations coming for homebuyers soon…

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How much home can I afford?

A good starting point for answering this question lies in your monthly gross income. Experts vary in their statements but generally speaking, start with 28% of your gross monthly income. E.g., if you make $4000 a month, your mortgage, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and PMI should be no more than $1120.

MoneyUnder30 has a detailed analysis including Dave Ramsey’s more conservative approach (namely he uses take home income not gross).

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Yahoo! – How much home can you afford?

This is the basics of home affordability.   Bottom line: you don’t want to have to stretch to make a payment.  Go in with a number and let no one pressure into a higher value home purchase than you are comfortable with.

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