Did you know homeowner’s insurance covers theft from cars?

According to this poll, a majority of Americans aren’t aware it does. However, this may be the result of the cost of the theft usually being close to or lower than the deductible on the policy…making it not cost effective or useless to file a claim. That said, do inquire of your policy holder!

Colorado Springs home values (via Zillow)…

If you’re wondering how the Colorado Springs area is doing for home values, we are trending positive. This is good news for sellers!

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Colorado Springs Zillow Home Value Index

Things to consider when building a new home…

…if you have a young child at home and are considering building (or buying), this article gives some perspective on considerations.  The one that struck home for me (as the father to the lovely little lady in the banner image) is the bedrooms on the same level.  It’s very important now we are on the same level but I don’t know she’s going to appreciate it in a couple of years!

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Ten kitchen remodeling tips…

Yahoo! has a short list of some of the basics of kitchen remodeling.  My favorite: if you don’t get a good vibe from the contractor, don’t hire them.  Additionally, never pay everything up front!

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What is a double closing?

A double closing is a set of transactions in which an investor effectively buys and sells your home in the same day (or a very short timeframe).  They are, in effect, taking your equity.

Here is a lot more information on the subject.  The bottom line, though, is to find a trusted agent that is not facilitating a transaction in which an investor is walking away with your equity.  That’s your money.

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Colorado Springs gets A+ for small businesses…

Colorado Springs has received an A+ for it’s small business friendly environment.  I have a number of friends with sole proprietorships and hear nothing negative about the business environment, so anecdotally, we must be doing something right!

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Yahoo! – How much home can you afford?

This is the basics of home affordability.   Bottom line: you don’t want to have to stretch to make a payment.  Go in with a number and let no one pressure into a higher value home purchase than you are comfortable with.

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