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CoS: Top 10 zips

80831 is leading the list of top 10 zip codes by volume of sales month to date in the area, selling for 3.75% more than list on average. 80918 is leading the pack in terms of closed to list price ratio, selling for 5.53% over list on average.

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Gazette: Colorado Springs’ housing market expected to be red-hot

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I don’t disagree with this assessment, including the piece about the tight rental market. There is an interesting data point to keep an eye on as well, with this discussion: we are a town with a lot of VA loans. The military BAH has a lot to do with pricing here. If BAH doesn’t increase, what will that do to our prices?

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Wired: 7 Smart Ways To Design Housing That’s Actually Affordable

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I don’t quite know how but I do know that I am driven to find a way to change the face of affordable housing here in the Springs. There is a disparity in the most oft requested price points vs. what’s on the market. This disparity isn’t one that’s easily bridged for a renter, or someone who isn’t in a position or doesn’t want to buy.

Wired has 7 options here…I really like the idea of the modular homes and think something like this could be done here.

Housing crunch coming to Colorado Springs…

…if you’re reading this from my Facebook group (Colorado Springs Rentals) you likely know the crunch highlighted in this article is here.

We are committed to providing you the most up to date data and options we can. There just isn’t a lot out there, especially on the rental side!

Perhaps the most startling fact in this article is the statement that by 2019, there will be a huge gap in affordability.

What to do? Plan for an increased crunch and rising prices. If interest rates rise, this may moderate that growth…but it’s difficult to say for sure.

Home prices on the rise nationally

On a national level, home prices are on the rise. Colorado Springs is a healthy market right now, too, with generally more demand than inventory (especially for the below $225K range). However, this is NOT a market you can flip a home in under 2 years in and expect to profit (generally).

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Colorado Springs sees 16 months increased prices in homes…

…this is a great place to live, as evidenced by the sixteen month rise in home prices and sales we’ve seen in our city.

This is good news for sellers. Additionally, combined with still near historically low mortgage rates, buyers who are looking to move into the city can still get good deals!

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What is a “Zestimate”?

Zillow offer’s a proprietary estimate of a home’s value called a “Zestimate”. How accurate is this figure? While it is sometimes close, it can and does sometimes significantly differ.

I highly recommend you have an agent or an appraiser do a CMA or appraisal on your home to give you the most accurate fair market value available. The Zestimate is a data point; don’t rely on it alone to make decisions.

Everything you always wanted to know about the Zestimate.