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From the inbox: I’m buying a foreclosure, do I need a home inspection?

Good question!

image from pixabay
image from pixabay

The short answer is, “Yes.”

The longer answer is, “Yes, because while the bank or lender may not be willing to do any repairs, an inspection still empowers you, as it informs you as to the condition of your home.”

InterNACHI agrees with me. Or I agree with them. Either way, we are in agreement.


Food for thought: Thomas Jefferson on property rights

“The right to procure property and to use it for one’s own enjoyment is essential to the freedom of every person, and our other rights would mean little without these rights of property ownership. It is also for these reasons that the government’s power to tax property is placed in those representatives most frequently and directly responsible to the people, since it is the people themselves who must pay those taxes out of their holdings of property.”
– Thomas Jefferson

As I was working towards become an agent, this quote really resonated with me.  If you’re looking for an advocate in your real estate transaction in the Colorado Springs or Denver area, my team and I would be honored to earn your business.   Outside the area?  We have an alliance of local agents that want to earn your business, too.

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Food for thought: On “knowledge is power”

I’ve long held to the idea that “knowledge is power.”  However, I read something today that simply clicked. Is knowledge power? Napoleon Hill doesn’t think so, to a degree.

“Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end.”  (Hill, Think and Grow Rich)

This, Hill argues (and I agree) is a key component of success.  It should also be noted Mr. Hill isn’t advocating for power for power’s sake.  Rather, the kind of power he’s talking about is the power to act, to make your way through life and build success.  Knowledge is potential power.  Specialized knowledge, applied to building success, is the key to achieving that success.

The short takeaway: education is important — acting on your knowledge even more so.

This is a fascinating book, providing much food for thought.

Entrepreneur 101: Capture those ideas!

As a “pre-veteran” myself who’s building a small business, capturing your ideas as they occur is very important.  Often, in the course of taking care of business (both military and real estate), by the time I am home for the night, I’ve forgotten a few things I “meant to write down for future plans.”   Since I’ve started actually using my smartphone to take notes, I feel I’ve gotten ahead of the curve on capturing these ideas.

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Looking for a few things to renovate and maximize resale value?

Bigger Pockets has a few suggestions!  Would you add anything?  Comment on FB or the blog!

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On entrepreneurship and skill management…

I heard a “nugget” today that has long resonated with me but that I’d never heard articulated in such a direct fashion.

Here it is, ready for it?

Don’t waste your own time. 

If there’s someone better or more suited to or at a task than you are in a business sense and hiring or partnering with them frees you to focus on your own skill set, that may be a good match.

Just some food for thought!