Spending the Fourth of July in Colorado…celebrate here!

Courtesy of the Gazette, here are 8 places to celebrate the Fourth!

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Colorado Springs: State Of The Market

Curious about the state of the market?  Here are some stats!

Above: yesterday’s snapshot of the resale market here

Above: today’s status of rentals in MLS

Above: this is the current number of homes per sale in the specified price brackets

Source: PPAR MLS derived statistics

Into bridges and day trips? Check out the “15 Amazing Bridges in Colorado”

One day, I will make a couple day trip of these…just because Colorado rocks!

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Cash as king in Colorado Springs?

I’m often asked about cash offers here locally.  There’s a common perception that “cash is king”.  Is that true here?  That’s a complex question!  The short answer is: no.

The longer answer is: it’s relative.  Does it command a tremendous discount?  No, but it does have a relevant discount price over a VA loan in our market.  From June 2013 to the date of this post, that discount is an average 3.73%, with a swing from 1.6% to 6% (at $150K-250K, sale price to list price) (Source: PPAR MLS, derived statistics).

EDIT:  the discount over VA loans drops to 2.46% when the price filter is removed, everything else remaining equal.

My perception of this is that we’re in a relatively stable market in terms of cash vs. VA loans.

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Cash Ratios

Denver Business Journal: Colorado Springs a top 10 place to raise a family

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Thank you for sharing, Melanie Henn from Land Home Financial Services!

Colorado Springs, Denver among top 10 best cities for retirement

I agree!  When we moved here, we knew we’d be staying and retiring here.

From the article: The Bankrate.com survey of the best cities to retire ranked 196 U.S. cities based on their health care quality, cost of living, tax rate, crime rate, weather, well-being and walkability. 

What brought you to Colorado?

Colorado Springs plans to create a hub of shops…

I think this is a really cool idea.  Kind of a Pike Place Market space (Seattle natives, back me up)?

I think efforts to bring more jobs and businesses to the Springs are a really good idea!

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