Boulder area hits average of $1M for a four bed…

Wow. Boulder is now one of the most expensive housing markets in mountains-with-road-300pxthe nation, according to the Denver Post.

By contrast there are 414 four bedroom homes on the market at the time of this post for $300,000 or under in Colorado Springs.

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Everything you always wanted to know about the Palmer Lake Star…

…but didn’t know to ask! Also, come check out the star lighting and palmer lake star infochili dinner this Saturday @ 4:30 PM.

Photo from the Rock House’s Facebook page (best ice cream around!)!

CS Gazette: 7 alternatives to cooking at home this Thanksgiving

Filed under “local eats”, here are 7 alternative locations to eating at 1448111449-300pxhome this Thanksgiving…(our fridge is dead so we may have to go to one of these places!).

FreshHome: 10 Wise Ways to Save on Winter Home Heating

Where do you set your thermostat?1417539744-300px

In my home, we aim for 67 at night and 73 in the day (though we occasionally bump it to 75).  In this article, FreshHome has outlined nine other ways in addition to the thermostat that you can save money on home heating in the winter!

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HouseBeautiful: Closet Door Storage Ideas

Photo from; click the photo to connect!

From HouseBeautiful, there are some seriously creative and cool ideas in here. I particularly like the book and tool box “door mods”!

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Wired: 7 Smart Ways To Design Housing That’s Actually Affordable

I don’t quite know how but I do know that I am driven to find a way to change the face of affordable housing here in the Springs. There ispitr-Home-icon-300px a disparity in the most oft requested price points vs. what’s on the market. This disparity isn’t one that’s easily bridged for a renter, or someone who isn’t in a position or doesn’t want to buy.

Wired has 7 options here…I really like the idea of the modular homes and think something like this could be done here.

What is a mortgage?

That’s a good question.

The long answer: “A debt instrument, secured by the collateral of specified real estate property, that the borrower is obliged to pay back with a predetermined set of payments. ” (Investopedia, 2015)

It short answer: it’s a loan backed by a home.

What kinds of mortgages are there? There are a number of options you’re best served by speaking directly to a lender on but there are some basic types such as a Veterans Affairs (VA) loan guarantee (also called VA loan), conventional loan, FHA loan, or an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM).


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