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Wired: 7 Smart Ways To Design Housing That’s Actually Affordable

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I don’t quite know how but I do know that I am driven to find a way to change the face of affordable housing here in the Springs. There is a disparity in the most oft requested price points vs. what’s on the market. This disparity isn’t one that’s easily bridged for a renter, or someone who isn’t in a position or doesn’t want to buy.

Wired has 7 options here…I really like the idea of the modular homes and think something like this could be done here.

Colorado Springs: State of the Rental Market

Looking to rent a home in Colorado Springs?  Interestingly, there are 120 MLS listed Single Family Homes (SFH) w/3+ bedrooms on the market at $1500 and below.  There are 102 on the market at $1501 and above.

If buying is an option, I’d be honored to earn your business!

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MARKET FLASH: 3614 Purdue St – asking $157K!

Looking for a great home in Colorado Springs for a fantastic price?  Looking for a cash flow property?  This may meet your needs, too! Look no further than 3614 Purdue!  Lots of showings – get it before it’s gone!  Call Rob @ 719-440-6626!

From the inbox: How do I rent my house out?

Good question! For a variety of reasons, you may want to rent your house rather than sell…give me a ring and we can run the numbers to make sure you are informed of all the options. Investment property can be a good source of income but it’s not without risk. If renting is the way to go, check out, “How to Rent Your House: The Definitive Step by Step Guide” from Bigger Pockets!

Looking to buy, sell or rent in Colorado Springs, give Rob a call at 719-440-6626!