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CoS: Top 10 zips

80831 is leading the list of top 10 zip codes by volume of sales month to date in the area, selling for 3.75% more than list on average. 80918 is leading the pack in terms of closed to list price ratio, selling for 5.53% over list on average.

These stats are part of a custom built platform I have built to deliver relevant hyper local stats to my clients. Please let me know if I can help you!

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Is Cash King?

Cash has the (significant) advantage of no appraisal but does it command the discount many feel it does? Let’s look at the data.

Below is a breakout of the purchase types of the sales YTD in the PPAR region. You can see there have been app 9,856 sales, 1646 of which have been cash. These on the average are paying 3.66% above list price. Contrast that with the 3.87% for conventional, 3.84% for FHA and 3.42% for VA and it’s immediately apparent that cash isn’t currently commanding the discount it has a reputation for.

New to investing – the terms you should know!

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These are pitched as terms for ‘newbies’ but I’d add they are terms every investor and homeowner (as potential landlords) should be familiar with.

The first step in your real estate venture should, in my humble opinion, be education! I know it’s cliche but knowledge is power.

BiggerPockets: 16 common investing terms

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Denver Post: Colorado markets vary but improving…

The market’s on fire in Denver and picking up in other places.

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Bigger Pockets: 7 Daily Step to a Real Estate Empire

I firmly believe that the most practical way to wealth for the majority of people is real estate. How do we get there? Bigger Pockets offers a few tips.

It can be really tough to get started, from raising the needed capital to finding the right deals. There are options, though, from low money down owner occupant loans to no money down VA loans.

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From the inbox: What’s a good source that gives me a general rundown on real estate investing?

Good question! This question is a follow on from this post “you mention ‘cash flow’ investing….”

Probably the best general rundown I can recommend as a good starting point is this podcast from Bigger Pockets: The Ultimate Beginner’s Podcast for Real Estate Investors. I am a huge fan of these podcasts and this forum has helped me personally prepare for my investment journey.