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Pros on call: Rob on the radio w/a market update!

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Is cash king in Colorado Springs?

There’s a common perception that, “Cash is King.” By this, it’s meant that cash tends to command a large discount.

Is that true in Colorado Springs?

Statistically not in December 2016.

There were 1,309 MLS listed sales for the month in the Pikes Peak Multiple Listing System (PPMLS) last month. Of those, 146 were cash. Of those 146, the average closing price to list price ratio was 98.3%.

Contrast that with VA loans for the same month, where the ratio was 100%.

Cash in December 2016 commanded a 1.7% discount.

Complexity economics and the housing market

W. Brian Arthur posits that our economy isn’t a machine but is more an organic and constantly evolving system. He’s coined the term complexity economics. From the article, “Complexity economics asks how individual behaviors in a situation might react to the pattern they together create, and how that pattern would alter itself as a result, causing the agents to react anew.”

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Bear with me here but I think the housing market is a good example of complexity economics. A pattern arises from the collective action of sellers, buyers and renters. However, as the pattern emerges, the same individual actors will then react to the emerging pattern and, in doing so, alter the pattern.

For example, an active market with a shrinking inventory prompts renters to purchase, sellers to list their homes. Buyers are affected, too, as prices increase. The end result is new pattern, born of individual actions.

If you’d like to read more about this idea, here’s the Wiki link! I’m going to be doing a series on this topic, too. More to follow!

Gazette: Colorado Springs’ housing market expected to be red-hot

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I don’t disagree with this assessment, including the piece about the tight rental market. There is an interesting data point to keep an eye on as well, with this discussion: we are a town with a lot of VA loans. The military BAH has a lot to do with pricing here. If BAH doesn’t increase, what will that do to our prices?

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Boulder area hits average of $1M for a four bed…

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Wow. Boulder is now one of the most expensive housing markets in the nation, according to the Denver Post.

By contrast there are 414 four bedroom homes on the market at the time of this post for $300,000 or under in Colorado Springs.

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From the inbox: can I flip a house for no money out of pocket?

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This is a REALLY GOOD QUESTION. And the answer is not short. Rather, the short answer is: that’s complicated.

Generally speaking, no. There are a number of methodologies out there on the Internets that speak to ways to do this but my advice here is (pardon the caps): PROCEED WITH CAUTION. 

The circumstances of a flip are so varied I’m struggling with how to capture this is a broad overview post. I would suggest that flipping a home is not for the faint of heart. Nor should you do so (in my opinion) without a Plan B. Plan B is this: can I carry the house for the length of time it needs to sell or will it rent out for the carrying costs?

Specific to ‘no money out of pocket’: a real estate transaction costs money. There’s no two ways about it. Where does that money come from? Could be an investor, could be your account. Always, always account for these costs.

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Old Colorado City: 60 day activity

From the inbox: What’s the OCC market look like?

Here you go! This is the last 60 days market activity…

And the current pricing break out:

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DATA SOURCE: PPAR MLS derived statistics

Colorado Springs: State of the Rental Market

Looking to rent a home in Colorado Springs?  Interestingly, there are 120 MLS listed Single Family Homes (SFH) w/3+ bedrooms on the market at $1500 and below.  There are 102 on the market at $1501 and above.

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DATA SOURCE: PPAR MLS derived statistics