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From the inbox: how much should I budget for home maintenance?

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Ooh. This is a good one. The general rule of thumb is one percent of the purchase price of your home, annually. Jeff Brown, from Main St, has quite a good breakdown on what this means for you as a homeowner.

For a home price of $200,000, that’s $2,000 annually it’s recommended you plan for. You may not always spend that much but I do recommend you save it…because there will be times you do.

Last year, I had to replace my roof ($1K deductible) and repair some damage from a washer that failed ($15 part, $1K deductible).

Knock on wood and I really shouldn’t say this but this year we have been fortunate (so far) and not had any major home maintenance issues.


FreshHome: 10 Wise Ways to Save on Winter Home Heating

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Where do you set your thermostat?

In my home, we aim for 67 at night and 73 in the day (though we occasionally bump it to 75).  In this article, FreshHome has outlined nine other ways in addition to the thermostat that you can save money on home heating in the winter!

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HouseBeautiful: Closet Door Storage Ideas

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From HouseBeautiful, there are some seriously creative and cool ideas in here. I particularly like the book and tool box “door mods”!

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Houselogic: carpet or hardwood?

Hardwood reigns supreme as the anecdotal favorite….should we give carpet a chance?

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