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HouseBeautiful: Closet Door Storage Ideas

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From HouseBeautiful, there are some seriously creative and cool ideas in here. I particularly like the book and tool box “door mods”!

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Looking for a few things to renovate and maximize resale value?

Bigger Pockets has a few suggestions!  Would you add anything?  Comment on FB or the blog!

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Lifehacker: Top 10 home improvement tips

Looking for some home improvement tips? Check out Lifehacker’s Top 10 Home Improvement tips (in particular, I like the “have a plan!” one):  Lifehacker home improvement tips!

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Things to consider when building a new home…

…if you have a young child at home and are considering building (or buying), this article gives some perspective on considerations.  The one that struck home for me (as the father to the lovely little lady in the banner image) is the bedrooms on the same level.  It’s very important now we are on the same level but I don’t know she’s going to appreciate it in a couple of years!

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Ten kitchen remodeling tips…

Yahoo! has a short list of some of the basics of kitchen remodeling.  My favorite: if you don’t get a good vibe from the contractor, don’t hire them.  Additionally, never pay everything up front!

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