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Three reasons a homeowner chooses the home they do…

location, condition and price.

It’s really quite awesome to be an agent and see that moment when someone walks into a home and knows “it’s THE one.”

These are three factors to consider when selling a home, too. Do you have a good location, is the condition good and is it priced well?

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For Sale – Lease Option! 500 Columbine Rd, Palmer Lake, CO

Check out this home in Palmer Lake, CO. This home is offered as a lease option for $255,000. ‘Traditional’ buyers welcome, too. Please call Rob at 719-440-6626 or email me at for specific information.

Colorado Springs in top 35 cities to live…

According to the “Livability Index.” Personally, I think it’s #1!

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Things to consider when building a new home…

…if you have a young child at home and are considering building (or buying), this article gives some perspective on considerations.  The one that struck home for me (as the father to the lovely little lady in the banner image) is the bedrooms on the same level.  It’s very important now we are on the same level but I don’t know she’s going to appreciate it in a couple of years!

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